A little bit more about Us

Who we are

We are a mixed voice chamber choir based in the beautiful West Sussex town of Steyning and we enjoy an eclectic range of both a cappella and accompanied choral music.

We were founded in 2002 under the musical direction of our Musical Director Zoe Peate, and sing mainly in Steyning, in St Andrew’s Church and the Steyning Centre, but have also performed at many other venues including Brighton Pavilion, St Mary's House Bramber, Hurstpierpoint College Chapel, Petworth House, Wiston House, St Nicholas Church in the Brighton Fringe Festival, St Katherine Cree in London in the Brandenburg Choir Festival, and at weddings and other events.  

The Methodist Church in Steyning has been our ‘home base’ for some time now and most Thursdays see us practising hard - striving to get it right and doing our best to meet the high standards Zoe expects from us.

We wish to be an integral part of the lively cultural and creative scene in Steyning and the surrounding area and wherever possible work, and sometimes share the stage, with young people, musicians, artists and other performers, in a variety of contexts and venues.

A musical bunch from a wide variety of backgrounds, from music teachers to the happily retired,
we sing and perform with Kaleidoscope Singers, and in other choirs and orchestras,
enabling us to bring an array of musical experience to what we sing.

Sopranos:  Kate Burnett, Fiona Clifton, Ginny Jesson,  Julie Lintern,  Joy Ramsay, Val Rush

Altos: Nicky Paddock,  Ruth Tomes,  Jill Weston

Tenors:   Julian Millerchip,  Gary Prior, Martin Scamans

Basses:  David Clarke,   John Higgins,  Richard Howells, Tom Hampson

& extras for Christmas Beverly Russell and Jenny Hirst